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Disobeying (Breaching) Court Orders and Release Documents (General Info)

There are several sections of the Criminal Code that deal with breaches of Court Orders.

Section 127  titled “Disobey Order of Court” is the broadest based and is applicable to a breach of any civil or criminal order unless, there are other means (modes) of proceeding contained in statutory law.

A Common use of Section 127 is for a breach of bail, breach of probation, and a breach of a protection order made under the Family Law Act of B.C.

There are other breach like sections of the Criminal Code that have their own means of proceeding. Once you determine the correct section for charging the elements Crown will look for on your report will be very similar no matter which section you charge with.

Breaches of recognizance issued under section 810
Proceed (charge) with Section 811.

Fail to Attend Court
Proceed (charge) Section 145(2)

Fail to Comply with (Breach of) conditions of Undertaking or Recognizance (issued by justice or judge)
Proceed (charge) Section 145(3)

Fail to Comply with appearance notice or promise to appear (issued by police officer)
Proceed (charge) Section 145(5)

Fail to Comply with  (Breach of ) conditions of Undertaking (issued by peace officer)
Proceed (charge) Section 145(5.1)

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Elements of Disobey Order of Court and other Breaches

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