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Threat Assessment

There are cases NOT of a domestic nature that still require or would benefit from  a threat assessment. Consider the issues covered in the PRIME templates regarding DV  when doing a threat assessment.  The following is not a comprehensive list of issues that could compose a threat assessment but these points will help the investigator consider the issues to be explored.

  1. What is the nature of the relationship between the parties?
    1. Does (or has)  one party exercise control over the other? (employee, employer / landlord, tenant  etc.)
    2. Is there a history of civil disagreements between the parties
  2. What is the relationship history of the parties involved?
    1. How do the parties relate to friends, relatives and  neighbours (alienate, lie, mislead,)
    2. Do they avoid contact with friends, relatives and neighbours (anti-social or evasive)
  3. What is the criminal history of the parties involved?
    1. Describe any criminal associations.
    2. violations of civil or criminal court orders
  4. What is the mental health and history of the parties involved?
  5. Describe Alcohol and Drug use by the parties involved.
  6. Describe Employment Instability issues
    1. Distressed business or job loss
  7. Do the parties have access to firearms (or other offensive weapons)