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List of Prohibited Weapons

  1. Automatically Opening Knives
    • Spring assisted blades
      • currently NOT prohibited
    • Flick Knives
      • MAY be subject to seizure, but the blade should flick open easily every time. It is often difficult to prove that the blade did not become loose over time, or without the owners knowledge. There are regional difference in regards to Crown Counsel accepting charges on flick knives.
  2. Mace, Pepper Spray and other Gases
    • Unlabeled or canisters with damaged labels  are subject to seizure and should be analyzed by weapons expert.
  3. Nunchaku
  4. Shuriken (Throwing Stars)
  5. Kusari (Weighted Flails)
    • It is rare to encounter professionally designed Kusari. Flails encountered on the street will most likely fit within the legal definition of “any similar instrument or device”.   Legal success will depend on the officers ability to articulate the facts which support the contention that item was impracticable or unusable for any legal function (ie: lock and chain used as bike lock)
  6. Finger Rings with Projecting Blades
    • “Biker Rings” are NOT prohibited under this section as defined in case law
    • Charges MIGHT be considered if a victim has serious aggravated injuries as the result of sharp pointed “Biker rings” that were worn during an assault.
  7. Energy Conducted Weapons (IE: Tazers)
  8. One handed Crossbows
  9. Belt and Buckle Knives and Blades
  10. Push Daggers
    • The exception to this description is the “ulu” knife.  A large knife used traditionally for cleaning and skinning animals, and is used in some kitchens. There are number of smaller “skinning” knifes used by hunters that also have a perpendicular blade. These blades MIGHT be subject to seizure but charges would likely NOT be considered if the owner can demonstrate reasonably that the blade is for the purpose of cleaning and preparing wild game.
  11. Disguised Knives or Blades under 30 cm
  12. Clothing with Spikes and Blades attached
  13. Blowguns
  14. Spring Loaded or spring whip like Batons (Not ASP Batons)
  15. Morning Star (Ball and Chain Flail)
  16. Brass Knuckles
    • There are regional differences in regards to Crown Counsel accepting charges on brass knuckles.
      • Some may insist the item is made of metal
    • Some items MIGHT be considered brass knuckles only when USED as a weapon for example
      • Lead lined gloves
      • Motorcycle gloves with molded plastic knuckles


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