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Duties of Police Officer

Police must be actively engaged in work that would fit the legal definition of duties as defined in common law and in the BC Police Act in order to be engaged in the “execution” of duties.

Common Law Duties

  1. Preserve the peace
  2. Protect life & property
  3. Prevent Crime
  4. Enforce The Law
  5. Apprehend offenders


Statutory Police Duties

Police Act Section 26(2)

The duties and functions of a municipal police department are, under the direction of the municipal police board, to
(a) enforce, in the municipality, municipal bylaws, the criminal law and the laws of British Columbia,
(b) generally maintain law and order in the municipality, and
(c) prevent crime.

Police Act Section 34(2)

The municipal police department, under the chief constable’s direction, must perform the duties and functions respecting the preservation of peace, the prevention of crime and offences against the law and the administration of justice assigned to it or generally to peace officers by the chief constable, under the director’s standards or under this Act or any other enactment.